Chicken Conquistador

, chicken-conquistador5

You will have fun cooking this one. It does not require much effort unless you skimp and buy bone-in thighs.

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Pellet Beer-can Chicken

, beer-chicken4

Our Beer can Chicken is some of the best Chicken you’ve ever had!

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Chicken As Good As It Gets

, John-K-chicken

This entry won our 2009 Great Grilling Contest. Many thanks to John DeKruyter for this excellent, well-thought-out recipe.

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Citrus Herb Grilled Chicken

, Grilled chicken breasts

Citrus Herb Grilled Chicken is the perfect main course for hot summer days. Robust fresh flavors and an easy to follow recipe.

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Wing It!

, wings

If you need to improvise a snack for hungry kids or a party, this is a great candidate. Buy the bags of frozen wings or drumettes available at warehouse groceries for the best value.

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A Duck Dinner

, duck

Personally, I think wild duck has a unique, desirable flavor which pleases my palate. If I were a better shot, I would likely eat duck about once a week. I find it more pleasant than pheasant.

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Mountain Man’s Special Turkey Recipe


Turkey takes a bit of time, so I see no reason to cook a small one. You can always freeze the leftovers – they will stay moist for several weeks if you use a vacuum-seal gadget, available at many fine stores everywhere and a worthwhile investment.

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Pellet-Fried Chicken

, Pellet-fried-chicken

This one’s easy, and if you know any Kentucky colonels, they might just be a little envious.

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Cornish Game Hens Stuffed With Wild Rice


This is an easy cook, so you can do it even if you’re feeling a bit petulant. It presents well, tastes great, and will earn accolades from your diners.

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