Ultra-Sourdough French Bread a la Pellét Grillé

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Okay, if you’re making this recipe to save time and money, you’re out of your mind. You can buy a pretty decent loaf of french bread at your local market for around two bucks. I never understood how they could make it that inexpensively absent automation, but they do. Someone suggested “volume” but I’m not […]

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Pellet Grilled Pizza

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A recipe for great pizza dough is beyond the scope of this missive. But if you have time and love a great thin crispy crust, try Peter Reinhart’s Napoleon Pizza Dough recipe (a Google search will find it for you.) You can actually freeze the dough balls to use in the future, which makes the time investment worthwhile.

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Pellet Dogs in a Blanket (Le Chien-chaud du Pelléts en Croûte)

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You laugh, but kids love these, and so do a lot of adults. I grew up on these! Heck, a world-famous restaurant in New York City – the Hideaway – has pigs in a blanket on the menu for eight bucks, and it can’t be a lot of them if french fries cost $7! Here, for eight bucks you can have a couple of dozen!

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