Chipotle Peppers & Border-Town Chipotle Sauce

, Chipotle peppers

Chipotle results from the process of smoking a jalapeno pepper. Your Green Mountain grill lends itself very well to this task. Let’s Get Started: Prepare the jalapenos by cutting off the stems along with about 1/8” of the bodies. Then, slice one side of the pepper lengthwise to open it up. Remove the seeds. You […]

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Pellet Baked Beans

Baked Beans

Are the beans praiseworthy or do they accompany well? Easy to cook and a complement to just about any meat.

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Pellet Grilled Pizza

, pizza

A recipe for great pizza dough is beyond the scope of this missive. But if you have time and love a great thin crispy crust, try Peter Reinhart’s Napoleon Pizza Dough recipe (a Google search will find it for you.) You can actually freeze the dough balls to use in the future, which makes the time investment worthwhile.

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Mom’s Own Pellet Grilled Quiche

, , quiche

You can make this tasty fare either with or without a crust. If you use a crust, be sure to buy the ‘deep-dish’ size or cut this recipe down a little. This make two of the deep-dish (freeze one for later), or cut the recipe in half if you want only one.

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Pellet Grilled Corn on the Cob

, corn-on-the-cob-cooked

This super tasty summertime treat belongs with your supper.

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Vegetable Medley

, vegetables-2

Your favorite vegetables grilled on your favorite pellet barbecue. The taste of grilled veggies is the perfect partner for your favorite GMG recipe.

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Spuds Supreme

, home-fries

Turn any frown upside down with this delicious snack. Perfect for any afternoon with the kids.

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