Burgers – Elementary to Extravagant

Burgers – Elementary to Extravagant


The argument between lean and fat ground beef will never get settled. Personally, I prefer the leanest I can afford. I also like to make two thin patties for a “double” rather than one thick one, but that’s just me.

Take whatever size fistful of ground beef you decide to use and add a few shakes of GMG Beef Rub. Mix it into the meat and knead for a minute or so. Then form the meat into a patty. Make a slight depression in the middle with your thumb. Pour a small amount of water into the depression. Grill at 450-500°F (232-260°C). Depending on the thickness of the burger and your preference for doneness, you should grill it for about 5-11 minutes per side. Cut into the thickest part to check for doneness (red-rare; pink-medium rare; barely pink – medium; brown – medium well/well).


Here’s the good stuff: Mince an onion and a half slice of bacon. If you want, add some diced Ortega chilies. Knead these into your burger. You should cook this until medium-well to insure the bacon cooks thoroughly. If you make thick burgers, sauté the onion/bacon mix for a couple of minutes on your stove top before you mix it in with your ground beef. You can top the burgers with cheese during the last 2 minutes or so, and you can also toast your buns for about the same length of time.