Introducing Steve’s Own Special Sauce (S.O.S.S.). This sweet’n’spicy dipping and grilling sauce complements wings, ribs, pulled pork, -even French Fries! — $4.99

Cherry Chipotle

This decadent mixture of fruit and fire will add zest to ribs, pork, vegetables, and whatever else you think needs a hint of heat. — $5.99

Tennessee Sour Mash

Bourbon from the center of the barbecue universe adds boldness to this great slow-cook specialty sauce. — $5.99

Pitmaster Sauce

The latest addition to our sauce lineup comes from Rooftop Barbeque. This sauce has the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. — $5.99

Orient Express

This plum-based sauce will add an Asian flavor to vegetables, ribs, fish, fowl, or salad. — $5.99

Cattle Drive

Our classic sauce will perfectly season your meats in the traditional style of the Old West. — $5.99


Smoked Paprika, mustard, cayenne, and other spices will enhance the flavor of beef with a mysterious aroma that leaves a delightful aftertaste — $9.95


A dash of savory adds just the right flavor to make your fowl taste simply delectable. — $10.95


A winning combination of 11 robust spices give this rub the potential to turn your ribs, butt, or loin into a blue ribbon dish. — $10.19


Exotic ingredients like sereh powder, green peppercorns, and cilantro season fish and seafood perfectly. — $11.95

Roasted Garlic Chipotle

This will add zest, charm, dignity to ribs, roasts, chicken, and vegetables ! — $9.95

Sizzle Blend

If it sizzles when you cook it, add this ! you will love it ! — $9.95

South of the Border

If you use this in your Mexican food, amigo, you will think you’re in Cabo San Lucas. — $10.49

Wild Game

This pleasant, piquant spice rub will enrich your venison, bear, or bison, but try it on lamb, pork, and beef, too ! — $12.49

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