My grill didn’t light. What happened?

Possible causes (you may see a FAL (“FAiL” abbreviation) message:
  • Too much ash in the firebox. Wait until it cools off, and clean the ash out.
  • Pellets overfilled the firebox. NEVER turn the grill off and on repeatedly, as this will fill the firebox with pellets. The igniter cannot light the pellets unless air can flow freely through the combustion chamber.
  • Combustion fan not operating. Check to make sure the fan blades turn freely and that it runs on Cycle 2 of the 0-1- 2-3 sequence. Replace if necessary.
  • Firebox is empty because auger has not fed pellets into it. Click the “Support Tab” for further diagnosis.

Why won’t my grill start in Server Mode?

You MUST be present (at your grill) to start it for obvious safety reasons.

How many pellets will my grill use?

Lbs. per hour*

Davy Crockett: 0.3-2.0

Daniel Boone: 0.5-2.5

Jim Bowie: 0.75-3.0

*Depends on ambient temperature, wind, how often the lid gets opened and closed, and other variables.

Do i have to use Green Mountain Pellets?

Federal law prohibits such a requirement. We do, however, recommend that you use ours to maximize the performance of your grill. Please use only food-grade hardwood grilling pellets. Do NOT use softwood pellets, as the some from them contains phenols that will have harmful effects on your health.

Should i line my grease bucket with foil?

Yes, it will make it much easier to clean.

How do i update the firmware on my WiFi grill’s controller?

What are the temperature ranges of the Green Mountain line of grills?

Popular designations:

Smoke: 150-220 F

Barbecue: 225-275 F

Roast: 280-375 F

Grill: 380-475 F

Sear: 480-500 F (550F on the Davy Crockett)

Does Green Mountain offer a rotisseries attachment?

No. The convection-style cooking circulates the air around the food, so a rotisserie would be redundant.

How should i turn off my grill?

Daniel Boone/Jim Bowie: Never just use the ON/OFF switch to turn the grill off. instead, use the down arrow to lower the temperature to 150. Release the button and press it once again to enter “FAN” mode. The grill will power down after the “FAN” mode ends. At that time, you may use the ON/OFF switch to cut power to the grill.

Davy Crockett: Just press the red power button at any time to turn the grill off and enter automatic FAN mode.

How should i store the pellets?

We recommend clean, dry, inside storage in the original bags or a waterproof storage container.

Can i grill in the rain?

No electrical appliance should be used anywhere near water.

I am using a 3rd-party device to measure the air temp inside my grill, and it doesn’t match the controller’s temp?

Food cooks by three methods:

Conduction: food heats by contact with a hot surface such as the grate on the grill or a pan.

Convection: hot air molecules bounce around inside the grill cavity and barrage the food.

Radiation: infrared rays, if you use GMG’s open flame technology, heat the food.

The grill’s thermal sensor retrieves data from inside the grill. The computer on the control panel analyzes the data and responds by adjusting the air flow inside the grill and the pellet flow into the firebox. Here’s the crux: the data gathered by the PK100 platinum sensor can be erratic. Think about all of the things that affect this data – the cover being opened and closed, wind, cold food, grease splattering on the drip tray, humidity, altitude, and even how level the grill is (which can affect pellet flow into the firebox – gravity!).So the computer receives all of this data, averages it over time, and provides a reasonably accurate display of the overall temperature inside your grill. This is why an instant air temperature reading from a 3rd party product such as Maverick, does not really provide much useful information. Your food cooks, as we’ve learned, by a combination of all three methods. The instant reading tells you only one piece of information from a tiny portion of the total space inside the grill cavity. it does not tell you the whole picture. A reading from one cubic millimeter of a cavity in which there are about 83 million cubic millimeters is not a microcosm of the cavity temperature.

How close to the house can i use my grill safely?

Do NOT use your grill with less than 3’ (36”) clearance from any combustible object or surface.

Suddenly my grill is running hotter than i have it set. What’s wrong?

This might happen on an extremely hot day, similar to how your car can be hotter inside that it is outside. The grill needs to produce enough heat to keep the fire going, and rarely, on extremely hot and windy days, the inside temperature may exceed the set temperature. Opening the lid for a few minutes at a time will normally solve this issue.

Do you offer a thermal blanket for my grill to save on pellets in the winter?

We make thermal blankets for all models. Click here.

How often should i clean my grill?

We recommend normal cleaning necessary for sanitation and appearance. A thorough cleaning inside and out about every 25 hours of grilling time will insure the best possible results in the future.

How long does it take my grill to cool down?

Depending on ambient temperature, the grill can take from 15-45 minutes to cool downafter it exits FAN mode.

Grill temperature is different from left to right

  • Many factors affect the left-to- right temperatures inside the grill. Prevailing winds may cool down one quadrant of the grill. Outside air temperature may require more air infusion from the combustion fan in order to maintain the set temperature. Cold food on one side or the other may produce lower temperatures in that area. This phenomenon would happen in any brand of pellet grill, in spite of what their marketing departments would have you believe. Fortunately, Green Mountain has a solution in its moveable diffuser.
  • in most cases, centering the underside “V” over the firebox will provide satisfactory results from side to side.
  • if you move the heat shield (diffuser) to the left, the temperature on the right will increase, and vice-versa.
  • Some people still feel more comfortable using instant readings from an instrument such as a Maverick than with the computer’s averages. if you wish to adjust your grill’s temperature to match your Maverick (or similar) move the diffuser to the left (makes the Maverick’s display’s reading hotter) or to the right (makes it cooler)." These are small changes to get it dialed in. Pushing the heat shield left a very small amount from center will direct the flame away from the thermal sensor causing it to read less heat. When it reads lower it will raise the temp of the grill overall. Making it more accurate to what the grill is reading.
  • Make small changes of about 1/8” only.

How long should it take my grill to reach 500 F?

Ambient temperature plays a role, but it should reach the maximum temperature within 15-30 minutes.

How long is my warranty?

GMG’s limited warranty is 2 years. Click here to read about our warranty. Click here to register your grill.

Where can i buy a Green Mountain grill?

Click here to go to our dealer locator.

Where can i buy Green Mountain pellets?

Click here to go to our dealer locator.